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Digital archive

This digital archive contains all the published reports and associated maps of the Land Conservation Council from 1971 to 1997 and the Environment Conservation Council from 1997 to 2001. There are 35 separate investigations, reviews and special investigations, two of which began with the LCC and were concluded by the ECC.

Feedback is welcomed on the archive. Please contact us with any comments or queries.

The LCC was established by the Land Conservation Act 1970. As one of its three functions, it made recommendations to the Minister for Conservation with respect to the use of public land, to provide for the balanced use of land in Victoria. The LCC was replaced by the ECC in 1997. The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) replaced the ECC in 2001.

The reports and maps are presented as published, without amendment or annotation.  For most investigations and reviews there are three reports: descriptive report, proposed recommendations and final recommendations. Reports annotating the government decisions on LCC final recommendations can be found on VEAC’s main website here

The descriptive reports were based on a strong ethos that the natural resources of the public land of an area should be assessed and described to provide a factual basis on which members of the community might base their submissions to the Council.  The descriptive reports were intended to ensure that everyone with an interest in the future use of public land in the areas could obtain and study the basic information, which the Council itself would study, and so make informed and constructive suggestions to the Council for its consideration.

Public consultation, including written submissions on the descriptive report and on the proposed recommendations, was central to the work of the LCC and the ECC.

The maps below show the areas of the LCC and ECC investigations, reviews and special investigations.

LCC investigations and reviewsLCC Special Investigations Jul22 ECC Investigations

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