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LCC Melbourne Area District 1 Review (1984-1987)


  • Draft
  • In progress
  • Completed


Notices showing the boundary of the Melbourne area district 1 and advising that a review of the earlier investigation was to be carried out were published in the Victoria Government Gazette and in local and other Victorian newspapers in June 1984.  A descriptive resources report was published in June 1985.

Following publication of the descriptive report, the Council received 80 submissions on the future use of public land.  Individuals, associations, companies, and local and State government bodies, representing a wide cross-section of the community.  After considering these submissions, and having visited the study area, the Council formulated its proposed recommendations, which were published in June 1986.  The Council subsequently received 192 submissions commenting on these proposals. The Council published its final recommendations in June 1987.

This review of the area west of the Hume Freeway included proposed new parks for Werribee Gorge and Organ Pipes.

The descriptive report, proposed recommendations and final recommendations are available from this page. The final recommendations supersede the recommendations from the relevant part of the original Melbourne study area in 1977. 

Government decisions on the final recommendations can be found on this website here.

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