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LCC South Gippsland Area District 2 - Special Investigation Gellions Run (1981)



  • Draft
  • In progress
  • Completed


In January I98I the LCC was directed to make an Investigation of Gellions Run (all of which lay within South Gippsland area District 2), and to make recommendations on the best use of this land, bearing in mind its potential for coal utilisation.


The Land Conservation Council considered the submissions relating to Gellions Run from the submissions on the descriptive report for South Gippsland District 2 published in October 1980, and published proposed recommendations for Gellions Run in February 1981.  The Council received a further 57 submissions and considered these when preparing the final recommendations. The final recommendations were published in May 1981.


Uncommitted land in the northern part of the study area contained most of the brown coal resource, with the southern coastal land – also overlying substantial but less gettable coal reserves – recommended as a flora reserve. 

The proposed recommendations and final recommendations are available from this page.

Government decisions on the final recommendations can be found on this website here.

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