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LCC East Gippsland Study Area (1973-1977)


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Notices showing the boundary of the study area and advising that an investigation was to be carried out were published in the Victoria Government Gazette, and in local and Victorian newspapers in March and April 1973.  A descriptive report was published in June 1974.  The Council received 456 submissions on the future use of public land from individuals, associations, companies, and local and state government bodies.  After considering these submissions, and having visited the area, the Council formulated its proposed recommendations, which were published in February 1976.  The Council received 328 submissions commenting on the proposed recommendations.  The Council published its final recommendations in March 1977.

The East Gippsland forests were valuable for both hardwood timber production and nature conservation. The area of parks eventually recommended were mainly forests with relatively low timber values. Most of the study area remained available for logging.

The descriptive report, proposed recommendations and final recommendations are available from this page.

Since this original study, the East Gippsland area became the focus of strong environmental debate, and a review commenced in 1984 (see East Gippsland Area Review 1984-1986).

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