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LCC Alpine Area Special Investigation (1982-1983)


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Final recommendations for the original alpine area investigation were presented to the Minister for Conservation in June 1979. In May 1982, the Council was directed by the incoming Labor government to carry out an investigation of public land within the alpine area and to make recommendations on those areas that might be added to the alpine park system.

The original alpine area descriptive report (July 1977) described and assessed the natural resources of the public land in the alpine area, and provided a factual basis on which members of the community could base their submissions to Council. For this special investigation the Council produced an abridged version of the report in October 1982 which contained the original text and maps but, because of time and cost, did not include more recent information or reproduce the photographs.  However, a supplementary report was prepared, which brought up to date information on the tenure and use of land in the area and assessed the values of public land outside the existing system of parks.

Following the publication of the descriptive report, the Council received 1,090 written submissions from the general public and interested bodies on the way in which public land in the alpine area should be used.  After considering the submissions and having visited the study area, the Council published its proposed recommendations in May 1983. The Council received 4,152 submissions commenting on these proposals. The Council published its final recommendations in November 1983. 

The abridged reprint of the descriptive report and supplementary report, proposed recommendations and final recommendations are available from this page. The final recommendations supersede the recommendations from the original alpine area study in 1979. 

Government decisions on the final recommendations can be found on this website here .

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