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LCC South Western Area District 1 Review (1983)

This report contains the full text of the Land Conservation Council's final recommendations for the South-Western Area District 1 Review. These provide an ongoing framework for use of public land in the South-Western Area District 1, subject to subsequent government decisions. The recommendations in the text incorporate those of the LCC's original South-Western Area District 1 investigation in 1973 where relevant and have been edited to reflect government variations and amendments at the time of approval, and subsequent changes.


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The report text has been edited to incorporate government decisions on the recommendations made by Order in Council dated 26 June 1984 and subsequent formal amendments. Where the review refers to the April 1973 South-western Area District 1 Final Recommendations, for completeness recommendation wording and Crown descriptions have been reproduced.

The recommendations are grouped under major headings, such as Parks, Reference Areas, Wildlife Reserves, Bushland Reserves and so on. Key recommendations are for Discovery Bay Coastal Park, Dergholm State Park, and Crawford River Regional Park.

Go to the digital archive on this website for all LCC published reports and maps for both the original South-western Area District 1 and this review. The digital archive is a comprehensive resource containing all reports and maps as published, without amendment or annotation.

Reports and resources

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South Western Area District 1 Review—Final Recommendations (annotated)0000-00-00245.25 KB

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