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LCC Rivers and Streams Special Investigation (1991)

This report contains the full text of the Land Conservation Council's final recommendations for the Rivers and Streams Special Investigation. These provide an ongoing framework for the use of rivers and streams in Victoria, subject to subsequent government decisions. The recommendations in the text have been edited to reflect government variations and amendments at the time of approval, and subsequent changes.


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The report text has been edited to incorporate government decisions on the recommendations made by Order in Council dated 7 July 1992, and subsequent formal amendments.

The recommendations are categorised into Victorian heritage rivers, essentially natural catchments, representative rivers, other river values and stream frontage reserves. These are based upon the scenic, recreational, cultural and nature conservation values of rivers and streams.

Note that recommendations for stream frontages, beds and banks replace earlier public land water frontage recommendations for most of Victoria.

Go to the digital archive on this website for all LCC published reports and maps for the River and Streams Special Investigation. The digital archive is a comprehensive resource containing all reports and maps as published, without amendment or annotation.

Reports and resources

Title Date Type Filesize
Order in Council0000-00-00Other180.92 KB
Rivers and Streams Special Investigation—Final Recommendations (annotated)0000-00-00853.27 KB

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