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Previous Investigations

VEAC and the former Environment Conservation Council (ECC) and Land Conservation Council (LCC) have completed 36 land use investigations over more than 35 years, including 27 regional investigations and regional reviews.


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Government-approved recommendations provide an ongoing framework for use of public land in Victoria. The full texts of the final recommendations reports for many of these investigations are available from this site, edited to reflect government variations and amendments at the time of approval, and subsequent changes. Scanned versions of the published recommendations maps are also provided. Where final recommendations for an area have been superseded through the recommendations of a subsequent review or investigation, only the most recent final recommendations are provided.

For access to or information about LCC, ECC and VEAC reports other than the final recommendations provided here - including resource reports, discussion papers, draft recommendations and final reports of earlier studies - please contact VEAC.


Investigation Area Maps [Click to view PDF]