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Current Investigations

The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) replaces the Environment Conservation Council (ECC) which in turn replaced the former Land Conservation Council (LCC).


Current Investigations

Statewide Assessment of Public Land

On 17 September 2014, VEAC was requested to conduct a Statewide Assessment of Public Land.  On 2 April 2015 the request was amended by the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water.

The purpose of the investigation is to carry out a statewide assessment of public land in Victoria... [more]


Conservation Values of State Forests

The report on VEAC's Conservation Values of State Forests Assessment was publicly released on Tuesday 7 March 2017

In September 2016, the Minister for Energy, Environment... [more]


Fibre and Wood Supply Assessment

VEAC has been requested by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP, to carry out an assessment of the viability... [more]


Central West Investigation

On 20 March 2017, VEAC was requested to conduct a Central West Investigation.