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Central West Investigation


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Central West Investigation

Submissions Closed

Submissions to the Draft Proposals Paper closed on 10 December.

A Final Report will be submitted to the Minister in June 2019.

In March 2017, the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change requested VEAC to undertake a Central West Investigation.  The terms of reference for the investigation are available hereVEAC's investigations are conducted independently of government.  A final report will be submitted to the Minister in June 2019.  Government has approximately six months to respond to the recommendations in the final report.

The Draft Proposals Paper was released on Friday 31 August 2018. A summary brochure is available here.  

For more information about the submissions process, please see About Submissions link in the navigation panel to the left.

For consultant's reports and other information see the Additional Information link in the navigation panel to the left.

Processing and analysis of submissions to the draft proposals paper

Preliminary processing of 90 per cent of the approximately 2,700 written submissions received by VEAC has been completed, and analysis is well underway.  More information can be found here

Summary brochure

Fact sheet 1 - Overview

Fact sheet 2 - Traditional Owner Rights and Interests

Fact sheet 3 - Natural Values

Fact sheet 4 - Resource Uses

Fact sheet 5 - Recreational Uses

Fact sheet 6 - Mount Cole-Pyrenees Block

Fact sheet 7 - Wellsford block

Fact sheet 8 - Wombat-Macedon block