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Assessment of Victoria's Coastal Reserves


Assessment of Victoria's Coastal Reserves

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Assessment of Victoria's Coastal Reserves

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VEAC has been requested by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, the Hon Lily D'Ambrosio MP to carry out an assessment of Victoria's coastal reserves.

The purpose of the assessment is to:

    a)  review the number and types (reservation status) of coastal reserves in Victoria;

    b)  identify reserves with high environmental, cultural heritage, social and economic          values and identify values at risk from the impacts of climate change;

    c)  identify current and emerging uses of the coastal reserves; and 

    d)  compile an inventory, including spatial distribution, of values and uses of the                coastal reserves.

A fact sheet providing an overview of the investigation and timelines is available here.

As a first step, the Council is required to publish a definition of coastal reserves to be used in the assessment, including a diagrammatic representation and map of Victoria's coastal reserves.  As part of its assessment, VEAC will produce a draft report and seek public comment on it.  The Council must report on the completed assessment by 6 December 2019.

The assessment and associated inventory will assist the Victorian Government's future planning and decision-making for Victoria's coasts.

The full terms of reference are available here, including a definition of coastal reserves for the purposes of the assessment.  Victoria's coastal reserves do not include any Crown land described as a park or marine sanctuary in schedules to the National Parks Act 1975, or the unreserved Crown land that makes up the seabed of Victoria's coastal waters.

To keep informed about the progress of the assessment, check this website for updates, like us on Facebook, or register your interest here.