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Bill Borthwick Scholarships 2019Bill Borthwick Scholarships 2019



Bill Borthwick Student Scholarships 2019

The scholarships were announced in March 2011 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first meeting of the Land Conservation Council (LCC).  They honour the vision of the Hon. Bill Borthwick, Victoria's first Minister for Conservation from 1973-1979 and Deputy Premier from 1979 to 1982, and a central figure in establishing the LCC to advise government on the use of Victoria's public land.VEAC has established the annual scholarships for tertiary students to assist in the costs of research relating to public land in Victoria, including terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments.

Here is a short video highlighting the work of previous scholarship recipients.

VEAC awarded two scholarships in 2019, the recipients were:


Ms Erlania Erlania, Deakin University

"Contributions of seaweed to carbon sequestration?"

Erlania's research for her PhD seeks to develop biomarkers to quantify seaweed carbon from marine sediment. The project aims to advance understanding of the contributions of seaweeds to “blue carbon” deposits and facilitate management practices that protect existing sequestered carbon and enhance future bio-sequestration.  This information may influence future decision making for Victorian waters and coastal land.


Mr Darcy Watchorn, Deakin University

"Conserving threathened mammals in the face of fire and predation" 

Darcy's PhD research will assess how small ground-dwelling mammals respond post-fire to supplementary refuges (wire tunnels) where cats and foxes are present at 16 sites in the Otways.  The cameras will enable data collection that would otherwise not be possible.  For example which species use the shelters and how they respond behaviourally. 

Darcy’s research expects to provide a cost-effective new tool to reduce the threat of invasive predators on a range of threatened small mammals post-fire in many parts of the public estate.